An indie improv team in NYC

Forged in the fires of UCB NYC (RIP) we can do make-em-ups for you!

We also have other projects

You know how it is. We may know how to improvise together but we also have our own things going on. What we're saying is, we're each individuals with our own interests.

Check us out in these other spots on the weird wide web.

The Basement Fort logo. Dark illustration on green background. A flag waves from atop a castle tower in the shape of a video game controller.
A poster with scenes of violence in the style of an exploitation slasher film. Large text reads Let's All Go to the Lobby. Smaller text advertises show times in the past.
Felicity stares off camera. A stray mouse cursor reveals this is a screenshot.
Maggie poses with a peace sign while taking a selfie in a mirror.
Headshot of Declan posing in front of a brick wall.
Headshot of Marty raising his eyebrows in a smug grin.